Our ranch includes lakes, ponds, and stands of century-old live oaks. Enjoy 650 acres of trails, pastures and forests. Bring your mountain bike or rent one of ours to ride our many trails. Relax with catch and release bass fishing in our stocked lakes. Horseback riding and lessons available onsite.

Activities at our Guest RanchTexas Guest Ranch Activities

Enjoy the simple life in the calming surroundings, where animals abound on the ranch, including horses, exotics, miniature donkeys, llamas, peacocks, and even American Bison. Viewing (and petting of some) ranch animals, nature walks, birding, and bicycling are all included activities with no additional charge. Relax with catch & release bass fishing in our stocked lakes.

For those who enjoy riding, we'll saddle up a gaited Paso Fino from South America so you can leisurely ride across the meadows, through oak forests, across creeks, and past soothing ponds. Guided rides as well as lessons are available. Trap shooting, and archery are other adventures waiting for you on site.

Bring your mountain bike or rent one of ours. Catch a glimpse of grazing deer. Ponder at the pond while watching swans, ducks & geese glide by. Rekindle a romance with an old-fashioned picnic at the gazebo overlooking the Enchanted Lake. Massages in the rooms are available with prior arrangements. Sip a refreshment on your guest house porch and watch the sun set. Then savor a gourmet meal at Carol's at Cat Spring Restaurant and enjoy white tablecloth fine dining in a lodge setting. Take a midnight stroll through the meadows and moonbeams. Gaze at the stars. Do nothing. Do it all.

Come stay with us and you'll understand why we call this magical place BlissWood.

For photos of your activities by Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Skeeter Hagler, Add $75.

Archery: $35 a person per half hour

Bike riding:  BlissWood at Lehmann Legacy Ranch has plenty of room and mild terrain for enjoyable bicycle rides. As well, the local area has a lot of country roads for longer leisurely rides.
Of course, there's no additional charge if you bring your own bike.
Bicycle rental available at $35 per person per day.

We also have a few Golf Carts available for rent for those who would prefer to roam the ranch on motorized wheels. The per day rental price is $59, and a day is considered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Please book in advance.  Also note that you must be at least 18 years of age to drive our golf carts.  Children are not permitted to drive.

Catch & release bass fishing:  Fishing enthusiasts can catch-and-release bass in the ranch's stocked lakes.
$49 per person, 3 hours (We supply gear); $29 per person, 3 hours (Guest supplies own gear).

Horseback Riding:  With nearly 650 acres to roam, Blisswood has plenty of room to relax and enjoy a nice leisurely horseback ride through meadows and oak forests, across creeks, and past soothing ponds.
All rides are guided. Children must be 13 or older, and all under the age of 18 will be allowed to ride only at the discretion of the trail guide. $69 per guest, $99 per non-guest, 1 hour ride.   We also offer horseback riding lessons for adults and children.  Adult lessons:  $50 per half hour.  Children's lessons:  $25 per half hour.

Picnics:  We can also arrange for picnics in the Gazebo at Enchanted Lake.  Please call for more detailed information or see the "Specials & Packages" on the website.

In-room massage:  Massages in the rooms are available with prior arrangements. Please call for more detailed information. or see "Specials & Packages" on the website.

Trapshooting:  BlissWood furnishes gun, ammo, clays & instructor-$129 per person per half hour. Without instructor-Guest brings own gun, ammo & clays, $49 per person, 2 hour maximum.

Archery:   $35 per person per half hour.

Hiking:  BlissWood has plenty of places for a leisurely hike. Looking out over the fields you may catch a glimpse of grazing deer, or a view of the bison herd.

Scrapbooking:  BlissWood is a great place to unwind, and unleash your creativity. We have plenty of relaxing space to spread out just about anyone's collection of materials and the right atmosphere to get you in the mood to create something special. Please call for more detailed information.

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Arrangements must be made in advance to reserve all balloon rides.
Call Texas Air Adventures for information and to schedule.

Golf: There are several golf courses in the BlissWood area including The Falls and River Ridge

At Lehmann Ranch, 1 hour west of Houston

13251 Newberg Rd.
Cat Spring, TX 78933

Email: Carol@BlissWood.net
Phone: 713-301-3235

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