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“Cowboys and Kangaroos” Photoworkshop at BlissWood B&B

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Spend a weekend on a real, working Texas ranch, photographing cowboys, the ranching life, and a kangaroo.

Join us Friday, November 4th to Sunday, November 6th at Lehmann Legacy Ranch for a weekend photography workshop led by instructor Skeeter Hagler and Kevin Vandivier from Texas Highways Magazine.

What to Expect

It all starts with a social followed by dinner at Carol’s Restaurant in Cat Spring, Texas and a multimedia presentation meant to prepare you for the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we’ll all meet at the ranch where Skeeter will show us how to choose a location for shooting a cowboy portrait. Everybody will get a chance to snap a few shots too.

Following a chuckwagon breakfast, we’ll head over to a different part of the ranch to take pictures of some of the animals on the ranch—including a live kangaroo.

During the middle of the day, you and your partner will have the opportunity to explore the ranch and shoot photos on your own. We’ll all meet again at sunset for a demonstration on how to shoot a cowboy portrait using a flash.

We’ll end the day with a slideshow of your shots from the day, along with some professional critiques from Skeeter and Kevin on how to make your photos even better.

On Sunday morning, Skeeter will lead us in a photography session where we’ll shoot cowboys working cattle. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy another chuckwagon breakfast and then we’ll all be sent out on assignment to capture some aspects of the ranching life.

Finally, we’ll cap it all off with another slideshow presentation of your shots from the day and critiques on how to make them better.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How to direct and photograph cowboys
  • How to select a portrait location
  • What it takes to stand out among your competitors
  • How to critique your photographs
  • Basic lighting for indoor and outdoor portraits
  • Digital darkroom secrets and skills

We have 16 cottages and rooms for you and your partner to choose from. Click here to check availability or call Carol at 713-301-3235.

We look forward to seeing you!

Fall 2011 Round Top Antiques Fair

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011


Round Top Antiques Fair

Photo by barron

Get ready for the 44th annual Round Top Antiques Fair! See where it all began in Round Top, Texas at the Big Red Barn on September 28, 29, 30 & October 1, 2011 and enjoy what has become one of the best antique shows in the nation.

With merchandise ranging from inexpensive knickknacks to museum quality pieces, every shopper is sure to find something to their liking.

Looking for a place to stay? BlissWood B&B in Cat Spring, Texas is just a short drive from the Round Top Antiques Fair. We offer lodging accommodations that include quiet seclusion on a real working Texas ranch. Check availability and reserve your spot for the Round Top Antiques Fair today!

How the Round Top Antiques Fair Began

The Round Top Antiques Fair began 44 years ago when Miss Emma Lee Turney and her business, Antique Productions, were asked to put on an antique show in the tiny town of Round Top, Texas: population 77.

The show was an immediate success and soon people from all over Texas were making the trip to Round Top every Spring and Fall. What was once a single show has spread to four towns—Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, and Shelby—and includes about 35 separate shows and at least 2,500 merchants, according to the Round Top Register.

We hope to see you at the 44th Annual Round Top Antiques Fair!

Corporate Retreat Ideas

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Corporate Retreat Ideas - Horseback RidingIf you’re searching for corporate retreat ideas that will help strengthen your business from within, you’ve come to the right place. Corporate retreats are an essential component of supporting the ongoing training and team-building of your organization.

At BlissWood B&B, we’ve hosted corporate retreats for organizations of all sizes. We understand what factors are most important for creating an environment for executives and co-workers to build team cohesiveness, foster creative thinking, and—ultimately—relax in a calm setting outside the office.

A Few Corporate Retreat Ideas to Get You Started

Here are just a few corporate retreat ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. If you have an idea of your own and want to see if we can arrange to have it take place at our working Texas ranch, give us a call at 713-301-3235. Our accommodations include 14 houses, cabins, and suites so there’s sure to be room for everybody.


Golfing is a popular choice for corporate retreats. It’s fun, challenging, and it gives you and your co-workers the opportunity to discuss the future of your business in a relaxed environment. That is unless your having a bad day on the links. Then it’s a good chance for you to exercise patience.

There are two golf courses for you to choose from in the surrounding area—The Falls and River Ridge.

Horseback Riding

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a cowboy, riding the dusty trail on your trusty steed? Who hasn’t?

Seeing the Texas Hill Country on horseback is beyond comparison, and it’s sure to create lasting memories for you and your co-workers to share for years to come. Nothing builds team cohesiveness like shared experience.


The fast-paced world of business can be exciting at times. But everybody needs to slow down once in awhile and enjoy the simple things in life. Fishing is quite possibly one of the most laid-back activities you can do (if you’re doing it right), and you’ll have lots of time to get to know the people you work with everyday and discuss ways to improve the business.


For those of you that want a little more excitement out of your corporate retreat, consider trapshooting. Trapshooting is a great way to blow off some steam and have a good time in the country.


Like trapshooting, archery is a fun way to blow off some steam and build lasting memories with your employees. Even if you’ve never held a bow in your whole life, you can develop a new skill and have plenty of chances to use this activity as a springboard to talk about setting goals and shooting for targets in your industry.

Corporate Retreat Ideas - Working CattleWorking Cattle

BlissWood B&B is located on Lehmann Legacy Ranch, a 650-acre working ranch in Cat Spring, Texas. For your next corporate retreat, we can arrange an opportunity for you and your employees to assist in working cattle with a trained cowhand. This exercise requires strong teamwork and is not for the faint of heart. But it will certainly be a memorable experience for all.

Even More Corporate Retreat Ideas

This list of corporate retreat ideas is only the beginning. At BlissWood B&B, we want to make your next corporate retreat an unforgettable event for you and your employees. We can help you find ways to combine the activities listed above with even more corporate retreat ideas.

Call us at 713-301-3235, and let us turn your corporate retreat ideas into reality!

Pets Welcome – Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Pet Friendly Bed and BreakfastHere at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast, we would be pleased to welcome your pet to our central Texas guest ranch.

We know how hard it is to leave a cherished part of the family behind on vacation so we’ve worked to make BlissWood B&B a welcoming place for most pets.

We only ask that you make arrangements with us prior to your stay because we do charge an additional fee for furry companions. And, as a side note, Lehmann Legacy Ranch is a real working ranch with a wide assortment of animals, including a family of domesticated dogs. Sometimes, ranch animals and pets don’t mix well. If your pet doesn’t get along with other animals very well, you might want to consider finding it a sitter back home. We want you and your pet to have a relaxing, fun stay at BlissWood.

During your stay at Lehmann Legacy Ranch, we ask that you please observe the following rules:

  • Keep your pet on a leash at all times (except when you’re in your room).
  • Never leave your pet unattended for safety purposes.
  • If your pet relieves itself in the room, let us know right away so we can clean it up and avoid permanent damage.
  • Show other guests kindness by keeping barking to a minimum.
  • Please clean up after your pet.

Follow these simple rules, and your pet will fit right in at our Texas guest ranch.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry companion soon! If you’re ready to make reservations, give us a call at 713-301-3235 and tell us more about your pet.


Texas Getaway Ideas

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

We all need to escape the pressures of daily life now and again and venture to a place that moves at a whole different pace. It’s what keeps us sane and motivated to work hard when we’re home.

But coming up with great Texas getaway ideas is like a job in itself.

Let BlissWood give you a hand. We know a thing or two about relaxation and rejuvenation. These Texas getaway ideas are sure to make your Texas vacation an event you’ll not soon forget. If one of these packages tickles your fancy, give us a call at 713-301-3235 and get your Texas getaway underway.

The Romance Package

This package is for couples that want to add a little romance to their relationship in an intimate country setting. Upon arrival, you’ll find fresh flowers, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cheese and crackers, and a bottle of champagne waiting in your reserved lodging.

Want to make it a surprise? Let us know ahead of time that you’re planning to surprise your sweetheart with a gift. You can thank us later 😉

The Mancation Package

This ones for the boys. Enjoy some bonding time with your buddies or with your son on a working Texas ranch.

The Mancation Package comes with everything you guys will need for a manly getaway: bass fishing, horseback riding, horseshoes, frisbee golf, a steak dinner at Carol’s at Cat Spring, and card games in the evening. And for a little extra you can enjoy a game of golf at nearby The Falls or River Ridge Country Club.

There’s trapshooting too! Everything a guy needs for a good time with his buddies.

Girlfriend Getaway Package

Girlfriends enjoying glasses of wine togetherOf course, we can’t forget the ladies! Call up your girlfriends and get ready to be pampered for the weekend.

The Girlfriend Getaway Package includes all the essentials—massage, bottle of champagne, picnic in the Gazebo at Enchanted Lake, horseback ride, and even a ballon ride (for an additional charge).

Babymoon Pacakage

Texas Getaways for Expecting ParentsFor the couple with a baby on the way, we offer the Babymoon Package. Relax on a vacation together before your new baby arrives and changes your lives forever.

Upon arrival, you’ll receive sparkling cider, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a bouquet of Baby’s Breath. The package also includes a picnic in the Gazebo on Enchanted Lake, a gourmet dinner for two at Carol’s at Cat Spring, a welcome basket, and a choice of hand or foot reflexology for the mommy-to-be.

Seize the moment and enjoy a weekend together at BlissWood!

But wait… There’s more!

There’s so much to do here at BlissWood. These packages are only the beginning. If you need help coming up with more Texas getaway ideas, call us at 713-301-3235 – we’re happy to help.



Intimate Weddings

Monday, August 15th, 2011

This happy couple was married in the Gazebo, then had reception with 6 close relatives and friends at Carol’s at Cat Spring Restaurant.

The Intimate Weddings package offered here at BlissWood Bed & Breakfast offers a more low-keyed option for weddings. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are looking for an alternative to the large ceremony and reception customary to so many weddings, than the Intimate Weddings package might just be what you’re looking for.

For more information please call us today, 713-301-3235

Horseback Riding Basics

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Texas Horseback Riding LessonsHorseback riding is a lot of fun, but it can also be intimidating for beginners. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the adventure of riding one of these gorgeous beasts.

Here are some basic horse riding tips to help you prepare for your next adventure.

The Meet & Greet

Approach your horse in a calm, confident manner and make sure he sees you coming. Horses are very adept creatures; they will sense if you’re nervous or scared, and your mood can greatly affect your horse’s attitude.

Always remember to relax. A well-trained horse will not try to hurt you on purpose. More often than not, he is just a little scared. It’s your job as the rider to assure him that everything is OK and that you mean him no harm. If you’re feeling comfortable, stroke him gently on the withers, the high point of the shoulder where the neck meets the back, to show him you’re friendly.

Getting on Top

Once you’ve introduced yourself to your horse, it’s time to mount him. Before hoisting yourself up, have your riding instructor check the stirrups to make sure they are the right length for you. This is essential for a comfortable ride.

To mount your horse, stand on his left side, grab hold of the reins with your left hand, and put your left foot in the stirrup. Now grab the back of the saddle with your right hand, and bounce of the ground with your left foot while simultaneously pulling yourself up. When you feel balanced, swing your right leg over the saddle, put your right foot into the stirrup, and gently lower yourself into the saddle. Congratulations! You’ve mounted your first horse.

Going for a Walk

Many horses are trained to respond to the pressure applied by your legs. To get your horse to walk, squeeze both legs against the sides of the horse. This should signal to the horse that you want him to start walking forward. If he doesn’t respond, you can give him a little incentive by gently kicking his sides and making a clucking sound with your tongue.

Now you’re on the move. Wait! What’s that ahead? It’s a low-hanging branch, and it’s about to sweep you right off your horse’s back. You need to learn to stop. But don’t worry—it’s easy.

Putting on the Breaks

When you want your horse to stop moving and stand still, pull back on the reins firmly and say “Whoa” like the cowboys do in movies. Once your horse has stopped, ease off on the tension; otherwise, he’ll start walking backwards!

Leading the Way

Steering your horse is like steering a car. When you want to go to the right, pull the reins to the right. When you want to go to the left, pull the reins to the left. Your horse will feel the rein’s pressure on his neck and will move accordingly.

Depending on the horse’s training, you may need to apply pressure on his sides in addition to pulling the reins. This technique is a little more confusing, but it only takes a couple of tries to learn. If you want your horse to go right, pull the reins to the right and apply pressure to his left side. Think about it this way: When you pull the rein to the right to signal a right turn, you’re actually applying pressure to the left side of the horse’s neck—it’s kind of like you’re pushing your horse in the direction you want to go.

Hit the Trails with Confidence

So there you have it—the basics of riding a horse. Of course, this is only the beginning. There’s a lot more to horseback riding that a trainer would be happy to teach you.

If you’d like to take horseback riding lessons from an experienced rider and instructor, come on out to BlissWood at Lehmann Legacy Ranch. We offer horseback riding lessons for kids and adults. It’s a ton of fun, and there’s plenty to see on our 650-acre working ranch when you’re sitting high.

11/11/11 Wedding – Make It Unique!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

A happy couple poses after their Texas elopement ceremony.On November 11, 2011, couples from around the world will be taking the big plunge, and why not? Getting married on such a quirky date adds even more significance to your big day.

It’s a once in a lifetime event, one that won’t come around for another 100 years.

Plus, it’s an easy date to remember. So when your anniversary rolls around, your soon-to-be husband will have no problem remembering to plan something special.

Already, popular wedding venues everywhere are booked for that day, and you may be thinking that, with so many other couples taking their vows on 11/11/11, how can I make my wedding unique?

Well, first of all, it’s your wedding—that automatically makes it a unique event. But have you thought about where you’d like to get married?

The venue you choose can set you apart from all the other brides, making your 11/11/11 wedding a completely unique celebration of your love for one another. The last thing you’d want is to see a hundred other brides doing the exact same thing as you. It’s your special day–make it your own!

Perhaps the solution to your problem resides just outside the tiny town of Cat Spring, Texas. Here wide-open spaces are the norm and intimacy is not a hard thing to find.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that will whisk you away from commotion of 11/11/11, where you and your loved one can exchange vows in an intimate setting with just the two of you—and maybe a few others—then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Located 50 miles west of Houston, Texas, BlissWood provides an intimate setting for the bride and groom, away from the noise of the city, in a quiet, peaceful country setting.

Tall oak forests, tranquil ponds, rolling meadows, and a unique charm make BlissWood the perfect escape for your 11/11/11 wedding celebration.

We offer two Texas wedding packages for small wedding ceremonies.

The Elopement package is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a private ceremony with just the two of you.

But if you’d like to bring a few guests along, the Intimate Wedding package allows for six extra guests. We provide the minister, flowers, cake, and a gourmet dinner for the two of you at Carol’s Restaurant.

Get the unique 11/11/11 wedding you deserve. Call us at 713-301-3235 to start planning your wedding today!



About Cat Spring, Texas

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Little town, big heart.

While you’re enjoying your stay here at BlissWood Bed & Breakfast, you may want to take a day to venture into town and explore what Cat Spring, Texas has to offer. Here’s a little history about this small town with a big heart—

Black and white picture of Old Cat Spring Opera House

The settling of Cat Spring, Texas

Cat Spring, Texas is one of the first German-American settlements in Texas. It was settled in 1834 by a group of German immigrants from Oldenburg and Westphalia led by Robert Kleberg and Ludwig Anton Siegmund von Roeder. According to the Texas State Historical Association, the first settlers were drawn to Texas by letters from Friedrich Ernst, an earlier Oldenburg immigrant.

The town is home to the first agricultural society in Texas founded immediately following the Civil War.

Black and white photo of Turner Hall in Car Spring Texas

What’s in a name?

A lot of guests ask us about the origin of the name “Cat Spring” which is not surprising since it is such an unusual name for a town. Amazingly, the origins of the name are more literal than you might expect.

The history books tell us that a son of Leopold von Roeder, and early settler in the region, killed a puma near a spring on the San Bernard River close to his family’s farm—hence the name “Cat Spring.”

Black and white photo of two men standing outside the Cat Spring State Bank.

Modern day Cat Spring

These days, Cat Spring, Texas is home to some of the most friendly, forward-thinking people in all of Texas.

According to the 2000 census, our population is around 766 people. But don’t let our size fool you. We’ve got a lot of heart.

Visitors will find that Cat Spring and the surrounding communities of Belleville, Sealy, Columbus, New Ulm, Eagle Lake, Richmond, Rosenburg, Round Top, Warrenton, Shelby, Brenham, Chappell Hill, and Winedale have plenty of attractions that keep people coming back for more. The area offers a variety of antique shops, historical attractions, and natural beauty.

Why not take a break from your busy schedule to visit little Cat Spring, Texas? There’s no better place to relax, unwind, and escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Click here to learn more about Cat Spring, Texas.



Why a Texas Corporate Retreat?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Texas Corporate RetreatsDue to the rapid increase in the speed and variety of communication, the world of business has become a whirlwind of meetings, emails, phone calls, video chats, text messages, and more.

Yet, with all these forms of high-speed communication, we never get to sit down together and really talk.

Only in a calm, relaxed environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, can we take the time to get to know the people we work with, learn their strengths and our own, and build a truly cohesive team.

That’s what corporate retreats are all about—stepping out of the office, relaxing with your coworkers and employees, and taking a good hard look at your business from an outside perspective. This is where new, ground-breaking ideas and stronger business teams are formed.

A World of Possibilities

No other place in the entire United States can offer you the fresh air and space you need for your corporate retreat than Texas—particularly in a place that’s away from the big city.

Imagine, for a moment, riding on horseback through rolling meadows and tall oak forests, across bubbling creeks and past serene ponds with the people you work with everyday, building stronger bonds through shared experiences that don’t involve client meetings and conference calls.

Maybe you would enjoy discussing the latest industry trends affecting your business while fishing for bass and catfish in a fully stocked pond, or building team cohesiveness by working cattle on a real Texas ranch.

On our Texas ranch, you can do it all:

  • Horseback riding
  • Archery
  • Trapshooting
  • Tomahawk/knife throwing
  • Paddle boat/john boat racing
  • Frisbee golfing
  • Catfish and bass fishing
  • Scavenger hunting
  • Working cattle
  • And more!

Every activity is designed to provide you with an opportunity to connect with your coworkers in a peaceful setting and focus on the goals that your team needs to accomplish.

Business Success at BlissWood B&B

Why not escape from the stress of the big city for awhile and reconnect with your coworkers? You will have a stronger, more formidable team because of it with new ideas and lower stress levels to take back to the office with you.

Let us help you design a custom package that caters to your next corporate retreat. We have detail-oriented event coordinators on hand to help with planning and to make your corporate retreat a fruitful success.

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast is a great place for brainstorming, team building, and having fun. Accommodations include 14 houses, cabins, and suites and plenty of open space on our 650-acre working ranch.

Would you like to know more? For more information or for help planning your Texas corporate retreat, call 713-301-3235.

At Lehmann Ranch, 1 hour west of Houston

13251 Newberg Rd.
Cat Spring, TX 78933

Phone: 713-301-3235

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