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You Never Know What You’ll Bring Back from our Texas Guest Ranch

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Not so long ago, guests staying in one of our Texas vacation cabins found a little surprise on their back porch. It just goes to show that you never do know what to expect when you spend time at our Central Texas guest ranch. Read on to learn all about it.

He's sweet as pie.


Riding Lesson for Children

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Treat your child to a special holiday this spring or summer. Stay at our Central Texas vacation ranch and let us give your child horseback riding lessons.

Carol and her staff have years of experience teaching horseback riding and training horses. While it is fun to teach students of all ages, it is perhaps most rewarding to teach children how to ride.

Children are eager students. They love the horses immediately, and are gentle with them. At the same time, they are thrilled by the sense of power they feel when the horse does what they ask it to do. Horseback riding is incredibly empowering for children; it is a tremendous responsibility to have reins in hand. They’ll learn many lessons that will prove relevant in all aspects of their lives.

The horses at our Central Texas vacation ranch are gentle, and used to being ridden by all levels of rider. This is the perfect place to introduce your child to horseback riding.

Learning the ropes.

The joy on that face says it all.

Antiquing Outside Houston

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Spring is a great time for antique hunting near our Central Texas bed and breakfast. Cat Spring wrapped up a show on March 14 (meaning that there are great deals to be had here now). Round Top has several antique events from March 26 through April 3, 2010.

If you are patient and enjoy the quest, you can find treasures in the antique shops of Central Texas. Browse Mustang Alley in Cat Spring; try to find something ordinary in Bellville’s Nothing Ordinary Antiques, and find out what is being auctioned at Hradil Auction Co. in Sealy.

Antique hunting can be a great addition to any getaway at our Houston area guest ranch.  Newlyweds can look for unique furnishings for their new home, while couples celebrating their anniversary may find each other the perfect gifts. Friends will have fun exploring the shops at the end of country lanes. No matter who you are with or what you are looking for, you are sure to have fun.

Antique shops near our Cat Spring guest ranch

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At Lehmann Ranch, 1 hour west of Houston

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