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BlissWood B&B Ranch: Corporate Retreats Houston Style

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Does your team lack enthusiasm and passion? Are your sales suffering as a result of employee burnout or negativity? Ignite the fire with a Business Retreats near Houstoncorporate retreat, Houston style!

Blisswood Bed & Breakfast offers a perfect place to recharge your staff and bring your corporate culture to new heights! Texas corporate retreats offer abundant activities to help your team learn how to work together cohesively, succinctly and with new focus.

Does Your Staff Have Anything to Look Forward to in 2015?

One major reason for employee burnout is simply from doing the same job, day in and day out, with no hope for anything different. As a leader of your organization, it is your job to instill confidence in the workplace, as well as reversing any negativity that may result from boredom or complacency. When employees are miserable, this can translate to lower sales, more customer service issues and complaints, as well as high turnover among staff members.

It costs companies a lot of money to train new employees, not to mention the high costs of the hiring process itself. Wouldn’t it be better to spend those resources on a Houston corporate retreat? Give your staff a reason to love working for you, while improving and strengthening your organization.

Texas corporate retreat

Our Texas Hill Country B&B offers an authentic, ranch style setting that feels miles away from the rat race of metropolitan areas. Yet, we are conveniently located only a little over an hour from Houston; or approximately two hours from Austin and San Antonio, and four hours from Dallas, Texas. Any of these major cities are just a short drive for corporate retreats in Texas. We welcome visitors from near and far, whether you want to fly in to one of the major airports or just take a day trip from within the great state of Texas. Blisswood B & B features over 650 acres of pristine country lifestyle.

While here, we can help you plan many team-building activities. Sharpen up your mental focus with archery competitions, bass fishing, trapshooting or a friendly game of golf. Or, pull on a pair of cowboy boots and bring your staff horseback riding, where you can enjoy the fresh country air and the sweet smell of leather saddles and tack. We can prepare a company picnic with a good ‘ole fashioned Texas BBQ. Why not reward your staff with an exciting awards ceremony?

Your employees deserve a break, and studies show that Texas corporate retreats result in greater job satisfaction, less turnover, and even a surge in sales after a corporate retreat Houston. We can’t say why, Texas Guest Ranchbut perhaps it is because of the newfound enthusiasm, focus and fun they have at Blisswood B & B in Cat Spring, TX.

Plan your Houston corporate retreat early to start the New Year off right! Call our corporate retreat Houston planners at 713-301-3235 to block off a few days for your company outing.

Texas Corporate Retreat for Law Firm and Family

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Last month, BlissWood hosted a Texas corporate retreat for Yetter Coleman, a law firm based in Austin, Texas. The employees brought their families along for the fun. All totaled, there were 70 people on the ranch that day.

The adults and their children enjoyed paddle boating, games, a hayride, a petting zoo, and a barbecue in the Show Barn.

Everybody had a great time on this Texas corporate retreat, and we have the pictures to prove it.

Call BlissWood for Your Next Texas Corporate Retreat!

BlissWood at Lehmann Legacy Ranch is the perfect destination for Texas corporate retreats. We have 650 acres of beautiful country for you and your employees to enjoy, not to mention live animals and a bunch of exciting activities to bring y’all closer together.

There’s nothing like an entertaining get-together away from the office to get those ideas flowing.

Here are just a few of the activities you and your employees will enjoy at your next Texas corporate retreat:

  • Archery
  • Catch and release bass fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • Picnics
  • Trapshooting
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • And more!

Treat your employees to a fun-filled weekend at BlissWood B&B. Everybody is working hard this year to keep making ends meet, and it’s important to slow down every once in awhile and remember what we’re doing it all for.

Call Carol at 713-301-3235 to schedule your Texas corporate retreat today.

At Lehmann Ranch, 1 hour west of Houston

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