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Authentic Texas Getaway : Horseback Riding Vacations

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

horseback riding vacation packages

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch, a 500-acre ‘open-range’ Texas hill country vacation ranch located about an hour west of Houston, offers vacation, weekend-getaway, and mini-vacation options that even include specialized equestrian packages for those who want to bring their horse along for the trip — and the rides.

horseback riding vacation in TexasYou and your favorite riding buddy can enjoy miles of trails at our working ranch with our BYOH (Bring Your Own Horse) Equestrian Package. The complete package includes two-night boarding for one horse, the use of riding trails each day, a picnic lunch each day, access to a fire pit each night, one evening barbecue dinner, one evening ribeye steak dinner, and set-up for horseshoes. This two-night package is $199 per person, plus the cost of accommodations (two-night minimum requirement). Booking a package is as easy as calling 1-713-301-3235.

You can even bring your pets along for the horseback ride — as long as they aren’t too big or heavy (Saint Bernards, Great Danes, tigers, and dolphins would have to be excluded, for example) and explore the rolling range country together. Why leave Rover or Cuddles back at home in the boarding facility when they can experience the fun of a real ranch vacation while lowering your overall vacation cost, stress, and planning time. This is a unique chance for a truly complete family outing. And if you don’t have your own horse, BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch offers all kinds of excellent horses for horseback riding vacation in Texas group rides and even lessons.

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch

BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch traces its history back to the 1830’s and began to go from a largely undeveloped tract of land to the first resemblance of a ranch in the early 1900’s. It has been an operating ranch since being sold to the owner of an energy company, who developed the property as a Brangus ranch in the 1970’s.

Our beautiful ranch is just west of Houston in Cat Spring, Texas, near Bellville and Sealy. The locals call it the “Rolling Hills” area, which is just at the base of the foothills of the Hill Country. Our working ranch is a place to rekindle romance, have a mellow picnic, get reconnected with your family and just enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up this past winter. Antique cabins and houses are charmingly scattered throughout the grounds for a relaxing stay.

Horse boarding for guests bringing their favorite equine companion along for the rides costs $35 per night per horse. That includes a private paddock and loafing shed. Owners must provide their own feed, produce required veterinary documents, and sign a boarding agreement.

Texas fishing vacationsYou don’t have to have a horse or even be an equestrian enthusiast to enjoy a picnic lunch at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch. A guide will take you to your own picnic site alongside BlissWood’s private lake. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while relaxing and enjoying a delicious meal. A golf cart will be available to return you to your lodging quarters. The cost is $189 per couple plus cost of accommodations.

There’s plenty of room to roam and enjoy all the scenery at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch, which features beautiful meadows, babbling creeks, serene ponds and lush forests. We offer guided trail rides and riding lessons for adults and children alike.  A one-hour guided ride is $69 per guest, but you don’t have to be a guest to do one.  The fee for non-guests is $99 per person.  Children must be age 13 or older and all of those under the age of 18 will be allowed to ride only at the discretion of the trail guide. Horseback riding lessons are $50 per half-hour for adults and $25 per half-hour for children.

With all of the options and features available, BlissWood is an ideal destination for pet and animal lovers. So drive, fly or ride Silver to Cat Spring, Texas, and BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch after picking up the phone to arrange for your vacation away and from the norm today.

Horseback Riding Basics

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Texas Horseback Riding LessonsHorseback riding is a lot of fun, but it can also be intimidating for beginners. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the adventure of riding one of these gorgeous beasts.

Here are some basic horse riding tips to help you prepare for your next adventure.

The Meet & Greet

Approach your horse in a calm, confident manner and make sure he sees you coming. Horses are very adept creatures; they will sense if you’re nervous or scared, and your mood can greatly affect your horse’s attitude.

Always remember to relax. A well-trained horse will not try to hurt you on purpose. More often than not, he is just a little scared. It’s your job as the rider to assure him that everything is OK and that you mean him no harm. If you’re feeling comfortable, stroke him gently on the withers, the high point of the shoulder where the neck meets the back, to show him you’re friendly.

Getting on Top

Once you’ve introduced yourself to your horse, it’s time to mount him. Before hoisting yourself up, have your riding instructor check the stirrups to make sure they are the right length for you. This is essential for a comfortable ride.

To mount your horse, stand on his left side, grab hold of the reins with your left hand, and put your left foot in the stirrup. Now grab the back of the saddle with your right hand, and bounce of the ground with your left foot while simultaneously pulling yourself up. When you feel balanced, swing your right leg over the saddle, put your right foot into the stirrup, and gently lower yourself into the saddle. Congratulations! You’ve mounted your first horse.

Going for a Walk

Many horses are trained to respond to the pressure applied by your legs. To get your horse to walk, squeeze both legs against the sides of the horse. This should signal to the horse that you want him to start walking forward. If he doesn’t respond, you can give him a little incentive by gently kicking his sides and making a clucking sound with your tongue.

Now you’re on the move. Wait! What’s that ahead? It’s a low-hanging branch, and it’s about to sweep you right off your horse’s back. You need to learn to stop. But don’t worry—it’s easy.

Putting on the Breaks

When you want your horse to stop moving and stand still, pull back on the reins firmly and say “Whoa” like the cowboys do in movies. Once your horse has stopped, ease off on the tension; otherwise, he’ll start walking backwards!

Leading the Way

Steering your horse is like steering a car. When you want to go to the right, pull the reins to the right. When you want to go to the left, pull the reins to the left. Your horse will feel the rein’s pressure on his neck and will move accordingly.

Depending on the horse’s training, you may need to apply pressure on his sides in addition to pulling the reins. This technique is a little more confusing, but it only takes a couple of tries to learn. If you want your horse to go right, pull the reins to the right and apply pressure to his left side. Think about it this way: When you pull the rein to the right to signal a right turn, you’re actually applying pressure to the left side of the horse’s neck—it’s kind of like you’re pushing your horse in the direction you want to go.

Hit the Trails with Confidence

So there you have it—the basics of riding a horse. Of course, this is only the beginning. There’s a lot more to horseback riding that a trainer would be happy to teach you.

If you’d like to take horseback riding lessons from an experienced rider and instructor, come on out to BlissWood at Lehmann Legacy Ranch. We offer horseback riding lessons for kids and adults. It’s a ton of fun, and there’s plenty to see on our 650-acre working ranch when you’re sitting high.

At Lehmann Ranch, 1 hour west of Houston

13251 Newberg Rd.
Cat Spring, TX 78933

Phone: 713-301-3235

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