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Thanksgiving at our Texas Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

We loved the Holidays! It was a wonderful time to share our dinner table with friends and family while making new friends all the while.

I wanted to take some time to share photos and stories from recent guests that really enjoyed Blisswood, our big-hearted Texas bed and breakfast.

A happy couple at Carol's at Cat Spring Restaurant

This happy couple came to the Ranch for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time celebrating with us! They also made sure to stop by my restaurant, Carol’s at Cat Spring, for their Texas Weekend Getaway. We love, love, love making folks happy out here at Blisswood! That is why I opened the B&B and why I continue to try and make the Ranch the best it can be!

The Thankgiving Turkeyt Shoot at Blisswood Ranch

This is another family that came to stay at the ranch for Thanksgiving. They participated in the Thanksgiving turkey shoot, where we gave away a nice bird for the holiday. What really tickled me was that the girls out-shot the guys! Way to go ladies! (more…)

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