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5 Ways to ‘Pop the Question’ :: Texas Dude Ranch

Monday, May 18th, 2015

BlissWood B&B Ranch is a perfect romantic getaway. Located on 500 acres of Lehmann Legacy Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas, (about 58 miles west of Houston) lies a hidden gem, known for its ability to cultivate bonfires in romances of all ages and stages.
Only an hour’s drive from Houston, this comfortable bed & breakfast inn is a beautiful setting and a blissful escape with a plethora of amenities and activities. Whether it’s just a weekend getaway for parents of young children who need quiet time to reconnect, or a long ‘staycation,’ for that 40th Anniversary celebration, BlissWood B&B Ranch has all the romantic settings a couple could ever need to form precious romantic moments that will last forever. BlissWood enjoys seeing couples of all ages at their Texas Ranch, however, they take their greatest pride and joy in seeing young couples get engaged at one of their romantic settings. Just in case that sounds like something you or someone you know would enjoy, here are five helpful ideas that you might use to ‘pop the question’ this year at BlissWood B&B Ranch.Texas Proposals

1. Play Cupid with Bows and Arrows (just don’t really shoot her)
Have you ever had a chance to use a bow and arrow? Have you ever wanted to learn how? Sure you have. And the truth is, so has she, she just may not know it yet. Women love to prove that they can do all the same thing Men can do. So let her feel good about herself and have a ton of fun doing it! Archery and romance go together like Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Play Cupid by writing down your proposal, attaching your note to the arrow when she’s not looking, and firing. Then when he goes to reclaim the arrows from the target, she can read your note. Just try to hit the target Romeo.

2. Go on an Enchanting Picnic at Enchanted Lake
When’s the last time you relaxed and went on a picnic? If you’re like most people, probably sometime in the 90’s. That’s why it’s something that will leave an impact on her and is truly the perfect mood setter to ask her to be your life partner! Is there a more romantic setting for a picnic for two than in a gazebo overlooking the sparkling waters of the well-named Enchanted Lake? BlissWood B&B Ranch even has a special proposal package that includes a guided horseback ride to Enchanted Lake, where you’ll find a picnic waiting in the gazebo, along with chocolate-dipped strawberries, flowers, and a golf cart. Your guide will discreetly lead the horses away while you enjoy a romantic picnic for two. After she’s said yes (because she’d be crazy not to, right?) you can take the golf cart back to the barn where you started.

3. Propose Over a Candlelight Dinner and Watch Her Light Up
Carol’s Restaurant offers delicious meals and friendly service. You can eat there and propose over dessert. For an intimate dinner for two, uninterrupted by other diners or too attentive waiters, you can even have dinner from Carol’s Restaurant delivered to your lodging if you want to make the evening even more intimate… Drop the Ring down into her champagne glass to surprise her or be traditional and get down on one knee. (Go on! Get down there and win her heart!)

4. Let Nature Sweep Her Off Her Feet
From the wildflowers to the wild deer, it’s hard to beat the Texas hill country for natural beauty. Whether you’re riding horses together, hiking, or sharing a canoe, the fresh air and beautiful setting will relax you both. You don’t want to be nervous when you propose, especially if you’re canoeing together. You might drop the ring in the lake.

5. Ride Away Together (Just Come Back Please)
BlissWood B&B rents horses or permits guests to bring their own horses. Imagine riding into the hills. Maybe she thinks you’re just out for some exercise. Maybe she thinks you’re birdwatching. And then, when you find the perfect romantic spot, you ask her.Horseback Riding in Texas

BlissWood B&B Ranch also hosts weddings. How convenient to have your wedding at BlissWood, wave goodbye to your guests, then stay for your honeymoon. Good luck and happy hunting, all you singles out there. Book your stay today! 713-301-3235

Ready to Propose :: Making a Memorable Proposal in Texas

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Ready to Propose? Consider an Engagement Retreat at Blisswood Bed and Breakfast Ranch in TX!


So you’ve finally worked up the nerve to pop the “Big Question”, but haven’t thought about the best way to go about it?  From skywriting to Jumbotron scoreboards to the plethora of YouTube singing flash mob proposals, the pressure is on to make your proposal stand out amongst all the other memories in your loved one’s mind.  And for good reason; a marriage proposal is one of the biggest moments in her life, and yours. It commemorates a milestone in your relationship.


Let Us Help You With an Intimate Proposal Alternative!

Start by whisking the girl of your dreams away for a romantic retreat at Blisswood Bed and Breakfast Ranch.  Here at Blisswood, we have many idyllic settings that are perfect for popping the question. Imagine riding along the live oaks on horseback, with your lady love soaking in the scenery, pleasantly unaware of what you have planned. Or, perhaps an enchanted moonlit stroll, with a pause in the gazebo? You can also surprise her with a pre-arranged welcome bouquet, complete with an engagement ring on one of the rose stems, and followed by celebratory fine chocolates and champagne. No matter which style is more you, Blisswood makes it easy to be romantic!

Texas Romance Packages

Once she’s accepted your proposal (which she surely will), you can both relax and celebrate this new stage in your life with dinner at our award-winning Carol’s at Cat Spring Restaurant. Then, stay and play on our spacious acres of paradise. Relax on the front porch, or grab one of our mountain bikes and explore the ranch. Ride on one of our elegant Paso Fino horses, enjoy a picnic in the gazebo or just snuggle inside your cabin with the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your doorknob. After all, this retreat is all about romance!

Whatever we can do to make it special, we will help you make your proposal memories in Texas truly unforgettable.

Texas Ranch

To further assist you, we are offering the following special:

Two Night Texas Ranch Getaway

  • Two nights’ lodging in a charming ranch cabin*,
  • Continental breakfast provided each morning,
  • Visit with the animals on a morning feed tour,
  • and a bottle of wine!


40% Savings Midweek (Mon-Thurs) $339.00

25% Savings Weekend (Fri-Sun) $424.00


Check Availability>>

Cannot be combined with other offers. Available for new reservations only, January 5 – February 28, 2015, excluding Feb. 13-16 & 21-23. Based on double occupancy, additional guests $35 per person. Does not apply to weddings or group events. *Not available for Dog Trot, Enchanted Cabin, Ranch House, Lanai House, and Hibiscus Suite.


Call Blisswood Bed & Breakfast Ranch to make a reservation at 713-301-3235 and plan your engagement retreat today.


Bliss at BlissWood: A Unique Texas Proposal

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

When you’re trying to plan the perfect proposal, look no further than BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch. Our picturesque 650-acre ranch, located just outside Houston, Texas, is a romantic and secluded setting for the unique Texas proposal of your dreams.

Many happy couples have arrived at BlissWood for a romantic retreat. But when they come for a proposal, they leave even happier! It’s the perfect place to start a new and exciting chapter of your life.  And we’re happy to help you do it right.
To ensure that your proposal goes smoothly, we offer a special proposal package that includes everything you need for this joyous occasion.  We can help take some of the pressure off of you by providing those extra special touches.  We will set you up to pop the question at our lovely gazebo overlooking the breathtaking Enchanted Lake. We’ll also provide a romantic picnic and anything else you might need.  And if you’re really looking to play the part of Prince Charming, we can even arrange for you to arrive at the lake on horseback.

Once you get a “yes” you can celebrate your engagement with a champagne toast and chocolate-covered strawberries.  We’ll have it all there, waiting for you.  The only thing you need to remember is the ring!

Our Pulitzer Prize-winning resident photographer is available for a professional photo session. So make sure you inquire about booking a shoot with Skeeter Hagler. It’s an occasion you’ll want to remember and share with your family and friends. And to cap off the big day, you can always enjoy a celebratory dinner for two at Carol’s at Cat Spring Restaurant.
So get ready to take that leap at BlissWood! Give us a call today at 713-301-3235 and start planning a trip and the rest of your life! We’d love to be a part of this exciting event.

Plan a Unique Horseback Proposal

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

When you find the woman of your dreams, you’re going to want to make her dreams come true. That’s why you want to plan the perfect marriage proposal.  There are so many way to pop the big question. But with so many possibilities, how do you choose the one that’s best for you?  You want to do something unique but still classic and romantic.  Consider pulling out all the stops and plan a trip to BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch for a unique horseback proposal at our Texas ranch.

If your idea of romance is strolling the countryside with your beloved or enjoying an intimate picnic for two, our horseback proposal package might be the right option for you.  This lovely couple recently made their own history at BlissWood.  While they’re originally from South Africa, they didn’t meet until they were both living in Houston, Texas.

Their journey began at the Red Barn – that’s where they saddled up for a romantic guided horseback ride to the scenic Enchanted Lake.  Upon their arrival to the gazebo, everything was ready and waiting for them. There was chilled champagne, fresh cut flowers, and chocolate-covered strawberries.  All he had to do was ask the question!

After he got the answer he’d been hoping for, the happy couple enjoyed a toast in their private little hideaway.  A BlissWood proposal is sure to be a memorable one, but it never hurts to capture the moment by booking a professional photo session with Skeeta Hagler, our resident photographer.

And you can always continue to celebrate the occasion with a special dinner at Carol’s at Cat Spring Restaurant.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our website to check availability online or give us a call at 713-301-3235. We would love to help you plan the proposal of a lifetime, and there’s no time like the present!

At Lehmann Ranch, 1 hour west of Houston

13251 Newberg Rd.
Cat Spring, TX 78933

Phone: 713-301-3235

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