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The Incomparable Model T Ford

Monday, March 7th, 2011

We’ve met so many interesting people through the WWOOF and Workamp programs. Most recently, our Central Texas Guest Ranch has been home to Steve Boyd, an avid Model T collector. He is pictured below in his 1914 Model T Ford, giving three guests a ride along the pasture road on the south side of Blisswood Texas Vacation Ranch. Read on for more information about Model T’s.

Steve Boyd and his 1914 Model T Ford


Archery at our Texas Bed and Breakfast

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Archery may be the world’s oldest sport. What started as a clever tool for obtaining food has evolved into an extremely graceful sport (of course, people still bow hunt, as well). Guests of our Houston area bed and breakfast may now hone their archery skills on the ranch.

Pictured below are Matt and Rose, two WWOOFERS from South Africa and New Zealand respectively. Matt’s father owns a competitive archery range in South Africa, and while staying here at our Texas guest ranch, Matt set up a professional archery range for us.

We happily welcome Wwoofers and Workampers here at our Houston ranch. To learn more about these programs, visit WWOOF and Workamper.

A graceful sport.

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