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Outdoor Sanctuary Ideal for Texas Weddings

Monday, November 1st, 2010

The grove of century-old Live Oak trees behind Lehmann House at our Texas guest ranch is like an outdoor sanctuary. Simply put, it a lovely place to host your Texas wedding.

Host your Texas wedding here.


Fall Weddings at Texas Guest Ranch

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Fall is a lovely time for weddings at our guest ranch Houston Texas. The heat of summer has abated, but it is still warm enough for strapless gowns. Live Oaks bring forth their muted, Texas-style fall colors before dropping their leaves. Evenings are fairly cool – perfect weather for snuggling.

A traditional Scottish Wedding at our Texas Guest Ranch.

In our experience, October 10 is a popular date to marry; maybe it’s because couples figure they’ll be able to remember an anniversary dated 10/10/– even when their memories are no longer functioning at 100%. Whatever the reason, there is usually at least one wedding on the tenth of October at our Houston Texas Guest Ranch, and this year is no different. That said, we could accommodate another small wedding. Do any couples out there feel spontaneous?

We are located just 50 miles outside of Houston. City dwellers seeking an expansive, outdoor venue for their wedding will find our Cat Spring ranch easy to reach. Furthermore, with on-site lodging for 43 people (in 8 cabins), we can easily accommodate the wedding party and quite a few family members and close friends. Host your rehearsal dinner at nearby Carol’s Restaurant, which is a comfortable fine dining experience.

If you are seriously considering marriage but haven’t yet set a date, give us a call at 713-301-3235. We are able to accommodate small, intimate weddings with fairly short notice. Larger weddings require more advance notice.

A Scottish Wedding at a Texas Ranch

Monday, July 19th, 2010

This couple met in a rowing club, and the groom wanted to be rowed to his bride; she waited for him at a gazebo on an island in a lake here at our Texas bed and breakfast (which fortunately is connected to land via a bridge). How romantic! Being Scottish, he also wanted to be wed in full Scottish attire. It was a feast for the eyes. The couple lives in Houston, but many guests came from abroad to share in their magnificent day.


Spring Engagement, Fall Wedding

Monday, April 19th, 2010

The couple pictured below stayed at our Houston vacation ranch this spring, where professional photographer Skeeter Hagler took lovely engagement photos of them. They will return to our Texas guest ranch for their wedding this October.

Blisswood Bed and Breakfast is a lovely setting for Houston weddings. You are sure to find the perfect spot on our 600 acres for your union, whether you’re planning an elopement, an intimate wedding with under 25 guests, or a larger event of fifty or more.

We’ll help with all the arrangements, from the cake to the flowers to the photographer. You may focus on enjoying every minute of this special day.

A lovely setting for a proposal.

Looking forward to their fall wedding.

Enchanting Texas Weddings

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Recently, a couple from Colorado choose our Texas guest ranch as the spot for their wedding. What follows is what the bride had to say about their Texas wedding:

A beautiful wedding at the ranch

“My husband and I have always loved the outdoors, so when we finally picked a wedding date, we knew that the ceremony would have to be an outdoor one. When we came across Blisswood’s website and watched the enchanting videos and viewed all of the amazing pictures of the ranch, we knew that we had found the place.

Our arrival was greeted by a couple of miniature donkeys and a peacock as we drove up to the nostalgic farm house in which we would be staying. The entire ranch was encompassed in towering oak trees and sparkling lakes. Our days were spent taking early morning walks through the dew-kissed fields where we could spot new born calves resting. Later in the afternoon we were fishing in the many lakes catching blue gill, bass, and our favorite catfish. Our evenings were spent swinging on our porch watching the blazing fire from our outdoor fire pit dance on the warm wind of Texas nights.

The staff of Blisswood catered to our every need during our stay on the ranch. Our house was tidied up and always stocked with breakfast for the following mornings. If we wanted to ride the white majestic horses, they were instantly saddled up for us, and all of the exotic animals on the ranch were just a short walk away. The owner of the ranch, Carol, also owns an amazing five star restaurant, where she mingled with her diners while they enjoyed mouth-watering dinners.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and the most memorable. The whole place was dazzling in the afternoon sunlight, and as I walked up the aisle to my awaiting husband, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to be. Thanks to the on-site Pulitzer prize winning photographer, our memories will last forever. We were married by non-other than Carol herself, who is also an ordained minister, and had a wonderful party on the ranch with our friends and family afterwards. Our family and friends had paid for packages from the ranch that included roses in our house, chocolate strawberries and even champagne.

The most memorable time of our lives turned out flawlessly at Blisswood, and we cannot wait to go back to celebrate our new lives together.”

We are so happy they choose to have their wedding at our guest ranch Texas. It was a joy to share in their special day.

An Ideal Place to Elope

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

If you are going to elope, why not do it in style? That’s what one couple did recently at our Central Texas guest ranch. They write:

Happy Newlyweds

Happy Newlyweds

“Thank you for everything Carol, we are both so grateful to have met you. Your place is a slice of heaven and your radiant energy is a breath of fresh air. It’s not hard to see that your love for the ranch … is what drives and motivates you and gives you the energy and fortitude to do all that you do there.

We are so happy that we went the elopement route. Blisswood was everything that we hoped for, and more. We were looking for an intimate and private environment to elope and spend the weekend in solitude and your ranch was perfectly accommodating. Along with the overall care and beauty of the ranch, we were happy with the couples massage, romantic dinner, gazebo picnic, and wedding photos. Of course, you did a wonderful job with the ceremony… thanks again. We can’t wait to get out there again soon.”

With Love and Appreciation,

Danny and Susie Casino

An intimate wedding for two – that’s one option awaiting couples at Blisswood Guest Ranch. Perhaps the best part is that you don’t need to spend months planning. Danny called Thursday, and he and Susie married Saturday.

Summer Weddings Outside Houston

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Wedding season is in full swing, and we hope you will consider Blisswood for your romantic Texas getaways. Less than an hour’s drive from Houston, we at Blisswood are prepared to host every aspect of your wedding, from the bachelor party and rehearsal dinner to the ceremony and reception. Delicious meals can be catered on site or enjoyed at Carol’s Restaurant, fine dining near Houston. Members of the wedding party or guests are welcome to stay at our ten guest houses; this makes for fewer headaches and fewer worries during the big event.

Houston Texas Weddings

Romantic Getaways Near Houston

One of our favorite places for weddings is the Blisswood Oasis. Nestled in the rolling prairies of Texas Hill Country, the Oasis is a romantic retreat reminiscent of a tropical paradise. A wonderful wrought-iron greenhouse known as the Conservatory houses an intimate pool surrounded by lush, tropical flowers. A waterfall fills the space with the sound of cascading water. Perhaps you will choose to have your ceremony in the nearby Orchid House, surrounded by the ethereal beauty and heady fragrance of these remarkable flowers. It is an ideal place for weddings in Texas, and for romantic getaways in Texas after the ceremony.

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