Welcome to the Oasis
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Welcome to the Oasis

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly offer anything more amazing…

Welcome to the Oasis! This little corner of tropical paradise is the newest property addition to Blisswood. A lush, and elegant environment full of flowing water and cascading landscapes is in store for you at the Oasis.

The first house we are opening is Harriett’s House. Harriett is a two-story home with the bedroom and The Orchard House at the Oasis at Blisswoodsitting room upstairs. Downstairs has full kitchen and living area, small dining area, dishwasher, refrigerator, TV, and WILL have internet access. The bathroom has shower/tub combo. We serve the usual Blisswood continental breakfast at the Oasis.  This special place is best for couples as it is a quiet, romantic place.

The centerpiece of the Oasis is the Conservatory. A Victorian wrought-iron greenhouse, the Conservatory will lead you to believe you have just left Texas for the South Pacific. A personal pool is in the center of the greenhouse, giving the guest the opportunity for bathing during any weather or hour of the day, in the greenery and tropical environment created in the Orchard house.

We can’t wait to indulge you with this lush paradise amongst the rolling Texas Hills! Have your cake and eat it too! It is the best of both worlds!

Look for a page on our website soon about the Oasis…