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Friends from the Falklands

Friends from the Falklands

One of our favorite aspects of running a guest ranch near Houston is all the fantastic people we get to meet. Recently we had some very interesting visitors stay with us for three weeks. They had to stay a while, since they traveled all the way from the Falkland Islands to be here. Sharon and Ken Jaffray learned about our Texas guest ranch from our website, and thought it sounded like the perfect spot to escape from the long winter down off the southeastern tip of South America.

Sharon works as the Deputy Editor at Large for the Penguin News, the Falkland’s only newspaper. The name of the paper illustrates one way that the Falklands differ from central Texas: when was the last time a penguin was seen wandering through the grasslands? The Jaffrays were struck by the endless landscape, and by the friendly and welcoming nature of Texans; this is no small compliment, since we learned that Falklanders themselves have quite a reputation for hospitality. We spent many interesting hours swapping stories about our lives and our cultures, and we hope they’ll come back again. Sharon in particular enjoyed trailriding near Houston.

Our new friends brought a little bit of Texas back with them to the Falkland Islands. You’ll recognize them when you hear them say, “Y’all”!