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Relaxing Shopping

Christmas is around the corner, but there is still time to shop. Of course, now is the best time to avoid crowded malls, which tend to make us feel more scrooge-ish than anything else. Better to seek out interesting shops that are off the beaten path. There you will have room to breathe and let inspiration strike.

Just such a place exists close to our Houston area guest ranch.

Mustang Alley Antiques is close to our guest ranch

Mustang Alley Antiques is close to our guest ranch

Mustang Alley Antiques is located in an old general store between Sealy and Bellville. If you happen to be looking for cowhide this is THE place to go, but it also has other interesting items. Check out the fine collection of antique oak and walnut furniture, or look for something downright silly. This is a shopping experience that will put you in a good mood.

Instead of returning to whence you came right after shopping, why not spend a night or two at our Houston area guest ranch? Take time to treat yourself to an afternoon of horseback riding. Bring your knitting and finish that project while relaxing on the porch of your cabin. Forget about cooking for a change and enjoy a delicious meal at our Cat Spring restaurant – grilled bison and sweet potato fries anyone?

After all, you deserve a holiday, too.