The Heart & Vision Behind BlissWood Bed & Breakfast

A Note from Owner, Carol Davis

I was born and raised on a ranch, was lured away by the bright city lights, and I suppose I have always been destined to return to ranch life. So when I found what is now the BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch property, I knew it was for me. I bought it in 1990 and I fell in love with it. Not only did it remind me of my home that I grew up on in LaGrange, Texas, there was just something special about the property that I knew I could share with others.

The front porch of our Texas B&B

Experience the Gift of Nature

What I love most is the joy I get from sharing it with others. It is a real gift to provide a slice of country living to our guests. I can see a real transformation in our visitors who come to us, some with struggles, pressures or worries, but they quickly shed those troubles and leave them behind when they enter our property. I believe there is a special energy here that only nature and animals can provide for us. It is my greatest pleasure to see what nature can do for each and every person we welcome here.

“Nature has the power to renew and refresh.” – Helen Keller

Nature’s energy has a way of restoring health in mind, body and spirit. I read it in our guest books all the time. Whether you hike through our forest trails and experience “forest bathing” which is the experience of soaking up the beautiful energy from our trees and plants, or roam through the fields on horseback, I believe everyone starts to feel that connection to nature that is easy to forget when you separate yourself from it for too long. Health and well-being are at the center of my vision for BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch. I dedicate myself to eating healthy, finding wellness in body and mind activities, and I hope to share this with others. The easiest way that others can experience well-being is by stepping out into nature.

That is my vision for BlissWood, to provide a retreat that enables each and every person at any age to breathe in our fresh air, to create adventures through our fields and forests, and to connect with our many animals throughout the property and find healing and peace.

Smiling woman with a horse

Foster Meaningful Connections

Sometimes I believe that BlissWood attracts those who need it most. Our guests come from all around the world to experience nature and animals with our fishing, hiking, horseback riding or leisurely afternoons sitting on one of the porches of our homes throughout BlissWood. No matter how someone chooses to experience it, I inevitably see a spark return in each and every person that comes from soaking up the energy from nature. It’s healing really, and one of the best ways to experience that energy is through animals! Meet the animals of BlissWood for a closer look at all our non-human ranch residents. For those who want to share their getaway with a furry friend, our Fosters of BlissWood program offers guests the chance to adopt a Border Collie during their stay for an extra special time at the ranch. This unique opportunity helps you feel more intimately connected to our ranch family and is a wonderful way to give back to the community and our friends at All Border Collie Rescue.

Guest room with Spa tub at our Texas bed and breakfast

Disconnect from Everyday Life

I intentionally help our guests disconnect by providing a very low-tech way to escape. It is easy to leave the phones, TVs and noise of home behind here and remember how to connect with nature. We are intended to be outdoors, and it’s fun for me to see “kids” of all ages remembering how to enjoy the adventures of the outdoors again. I hope that each of our guests leaves BlissWood with a sense of renewal, healing, wellness and rejuvenation. There’s just nothing like reconnecting with nature to find joy, healing and contentment. I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to open our ranch gates for others to experience it.

My hope is that everyone has an opportunity to feel the sun on their face, bask in the fresh air blowing over a field of fresh cut grass, walk quietly through a forest trail and feel the presence of the trees, plants and animals there. It’s very special.

Beautiful trees on our property

Be a Part of our New Butterfly Garden

In honor of Earth Day and in light of all that is happening in the world, we are building a Butterfly Garden. Symbolic of a time of transformation, we see this time as an opportunity for introspection. A time to count our blessings and focus on the things that matter most.

This Butterfly Garden is symbolic of new beginnings and we are inviting our friends and guests to be a part of this new start, and to plant one of their own! For every gift certificate purchased in April or May 2020, we will plant a butterfly flowering plant in your honor on our property and send you seeds to plant one in your own backyard! We’ll be marking the plants so when all of this is over you can come and see how your plant has grown.

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