Thanksgiving at our Texas Bed and Breakfast

We loved the Holidays! It was a wonderful time to share our dinner table with friends and family while making new friends all the while.

I wanted to take some time to share photos and stories from recent guests that really enjoyed BlissWood, our big-hearted Texas bed and breakfast.


A happy couple at Carol's at Cat Spring Restaurant

This happy couple came to the Ranch for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time celebrating with us! We love, love, love making folks happy out here at BlissWood! That is why I opened the B&B and why I continue to try and make the Ranch the best it can be!

The Thankgiving Turkeyt Shoot at BlissWood Ranch

This is another family that came to stay at the ranch for Thanksgiving. They participated in the Thanksgiving turkey shoot, where we gave away a nice bird for the holiday. What really tickled me was that the girls out-shot the guys! Way to go ladies!

Woman power!

Lastly, I want to include some photos and a Trip Advisor review from the wonderful woman who’s photo is at the top of this blog post. She came to the ranch for a weekend of rest and relaxation, and that is what we provided her. We are a pet bed and breakfast, and your dog or cat or even horse can be accommodated here at BlissWood. So this wonderful woman brought her 13-year-old “puppy” with her. She and her family had a wonderful time! Read her review from Trip Advisor below.

Fishing Enchanted Lake

“Just returned from a long weekend at BlissWood and it certainly lived up to the name. The ranch is tucked away under hundred-year-old live oak trees and was truly the epitome of rest and relaxation for me. If you are looking for some of life’s simple pleasures and a quiet time to decompress, this is definitely the place. I woke early in the morning to run several miles and never saw a soul, paddled and fished in the enchanted pond, and rocked peacefully in the porch swing at the house. Staying at the ranch is almost like having your very own little cottage in the country if you have never had the experience. The best part of the trip was being able to bring my 13 year old golden retriever! I was glad that BlissWood is a pet friendly ranch. He had such a wonderful time that I couldn’t get him out of the car when we got home, and when I finally went out in the yard to bring him in, he was hiding from me! When the dog wishes it wasn’t over, now THAT is a really good weekend.”

Like I said before, we LOVE to make people happy out here on the ranch, and we hope you will choose BlissWood Bed & Breakfast for your next Texas Romantic Getaway or Outdoor Texas Wedding!