A Family Heritage Trips Stops at our Cat Spring Texas Guest Ranch

The Murphy sisters stayed at our guest ranch near Houston this past May. Read on to learn a little about their fascinating family and Heritage Trip.

The Murphy sisters visit our Texas Guest Ranch.

“There are six Murphy girls and we all grew up in Dallas. Three of the sisters now live in Texas and three have homes outside of Texas (Washington State and Wyoming). We are very close sisters and love to get together whenever we can. Our parents, both deceased, were proud of their heritage and when we were growing up, we often heard stories of our grandparents and great-grandparents. About two years ago, we began talking about a reunion where the six of us would travel around Texas and visit places of interest to our family history. We chose to explore the history of our mother’s paternal ancestors, and set about doing some research; our reunion turned into a Pilgrimage in search of our Texas ancestory.

Our main guideline was concluding our trip in the town of Wheelock, Texas, founded by our great,great,great grandfather, Eleazar Louis Ripley Wheelock, who founded the town. (His great grandfather, Eleazar Wheelock, was the founder of Darmouth College in New Hampshire!) As children we had attended Wheelock Reunions with our grandparents. These reunions, always on the first Sunday in May, have been held on the grounds of the Wheelock Cemetery for over 100 years.

Martha took charge of planning the itinerary, and asked each sister for suggestions of where to visit. We took out the map of Texas, circled all the locations, and “connected the dots”, so to say. Starting in Dallas, we had 8 nights on the road which included travel to Tyler, Kilgore, Jacksonville, Palestine, Mexia, Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, Seguin, Cat Spring, Brenham, College Station, and finally to the birthplace of our ancestors, Wheelock, Texas.

When we realized our visit to San Antonio was not far from Cat Spring, we knew we had to make plans for a visit to see our family friend, Skeeter Hagler. What an amazing and unforgettable experience to visit BlissWood Texas bed and breakfast! We had no idea what we were about to experience when we arrived at the entrance to BlissWood. We followed Skeeter to the picturesque gazebo, passing many, many lovingly-cared-for animals along the winding road before arriving at the White Gazebo alongside the peaceful pond with its little bridge, and abundant flowers, vines and lush foliage. We were truly awed by the setting and the beautifully prepared luncheon of luscious cheeses, colorful fruits, croissants, chilled wines and crisp, “fresh from the garden” salad greens!

Our time with Skeeter and Carol at lunch (how does she do it!) was followed by a tour and an “all too brief” good-bye as we had to depart for the next destination on our pilgrimage.”

Thanks to Martha Murphy for writing this. We always love to hear from our guests.