A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

One week after our first photo workshop here at the Lehmann Legacy Ranch and the final prints are coming out beautifully!

For those of you who haven’t heard, our Texas Bed and Breakfast was privileged with the presence of famous Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Skeeter Hagler for an exclusive photo workshop over the weekend of November 7-9, 2008.

Skeeter described the weekend as a “perfect photographic weekend. Everyone was there for one purpose: to share information about photography and become better photographers. We lived and breathed photography for two days!”

There were 12 participants of varying age ranges, some in their mid to late 50’s as well as a few of Skeeter’s students from the University of Texas. Skeeter, a native Texan and Austin resident, has held these kind of photography workshops all over the nation. However this was the first he had ever held locally and said it was quite the learning experience and a unique Texas Weekend Getaway.

“I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the participants I thought would be the most amateur took the best photos! These workshops are also social gatherings; we drank a lot of wine and beer and looked at photos and talked about the art of photography.”

Skeeter says he feels lucky that he has spent his whole life working as a photographer, and yet he still gets excited about it.

“This workshop was really unbelievable,” said Skeeter, “Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect company.”

These photos really help to capture the beauty of the ranch, and I hope they will encourage you to consider BlissWood for your Outdoor Texas Wedding or your Texas Romantic Getaway.