Are You Expecting a Spring Baby?

We are all anticipating the rebirth of spring here at our Houston area guest ranch, which makes our thoughts turn to our Babymoon special.

Be pampered before you break out the pampers.

The arrival of a child is a blessed event, and one that will be remembered and celebrated the rest of your lives. The weeks and months after the birth of your child will be filled with many joyous moments, along with many sleepless ones. The meaning of time will change. Some days you’ll feel triumphant simply because you managed to take a shower, make your bed and prepare dinner. Other days, you won’t.

We can’t make everything go smoothly for you after the baby is born. We can, however, help you to feel relaxed and pampered before baby arrives, which can make a big difference during delivery and those first weeks.

Our Babymoon special delivers “Bliss Before Baby”. When the nursery is ready and you have nothing to do but wait, head to our Houston area b&b for two nights of relaxing romance. Enjoy sparkling cider, chocolate-dipped strawberries (eat enough for two!), and flowers. Treat yourselves to a picnic at the Gazebo by Enchanted Lake and remove all stress with a massage. Convince the future dad to get one, too!. After all, dads bend over changing tables, too.

Take this time for yourselves, even if you have other children. As families expand, sometimes mom and dad can forget that one of the most important things they can do for their family is to care of themselves.