Buffy the Baby Bison Born at BlissWood

We love animals here at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast! So this holiday season, we’re thankful for the arrival of a brand new baby bison to our Texas guest ranch.
animals at Texas guest ranch
The American bison was once a common inhabitant of this country’s prairies and grasslands, but after a surge in hunting in the 19th century, herds dwindled and the bison faced extinction.  Fortunately, these beautiful creatures have made a resurgence and they still roam the grounds of our ranch! We were so pleased to welcome this new bison calf to BlissWood.  Born just a few weeks ago, baby Buffy is the newest member of the menagerie at BlissWood.

We have a lot of experience with cattle – we’ve raised bison for over 12 years now.  At our peak, we had a herd of 40, but now it’s just these proud parents and their newborn calf.

The vast array of wildlife is just one of the many things that sets BlissWood Bed and Breakfast apart from other inns.  And bison are just the beginning.

When you stay at our Texas guest ranch, you have the chance to see a wide variety of animals on a morning feeding tour, an activity that we offer to all our guests.  This unique opportunity is a must-do for any animal lover. Our 650-acre ranch is home to all kinds of wonderful creatures. Of course, we have our share of the more common barnyard animals, like chickens and goats.  But you’ll also get to meet some of the more unusual and exotic residents – we also have black buck antelope, fallow deer, potbellied pigs, alpaca, and miniature donkeys.  You’ll most likely even encounter a peacock or two, strutting around the ranch.

So if you’re looking to relax in nature or you’re interested in getting to meet some four-legged friends, start planning your trip today! You can visit our website to check availability online or give us a call at 713-301-3235.