A Texas Trapshooting Bachelor Party

You might not know it from watching movies, but a bachelor party doesn’t require a crazy trip to the Vegas Strip or Atlantic City. If you’re a groom-to-be, you’re probably looking forward to this rite of passage almost as much as the wedding itself. But maybe the casino scene just isn’t your thing. Perhaps you’d rather just spend some quality time hanging with the guys and enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re looking for some different bachelor party ideas in Texas, you can always plan a trip to BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch.

You and your buddies can do something totally unique on our Texas ranch. Our last group of guys had a ton of fun trapshooting, and it was definitely a bachelor party to remember. Another advantage to a BlissWood getaway is that you can make sure to capture some memories. If you’re interested, you can book a photo session with our resident Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Skeeter Hagler.

bachelor party ideas in Texas

We offer plenty of onsite activities in addition to trapshooting. Depending on what the groom-to-be enjoys, you can choose from a wide variety of other activities that will make your BlissWood trip the adventure of a lifetime. We also have archery, horseback riding, golf, and catch and release bass fishing on the ranch. And once you’ve worked up an appetite, you can grab a nice dinner at Carol’s at Cat Spring Restaurant. Carol’s restaurant is a great place to enjoy a steak in a Texas lodge atmosphere.

But you can customize your visit with as much or as little as you want. Your BlissWood bachelor party can be as action-packed or as lazy as you like.

So get started planning your trip and call us today at 713-301-3235. It’s a great way to thank your friends for all their help as you prepare for your big day.