Enchanting Texas Weddings

Recently, a couple from Colorado choose our Texas guest ranch as the spot for their wedding. What follows is what the bride had to say about their Texas wedding:

A beautiful wedding at the ranch

“My husband and I have always loved the outdoors, so when we finally picked a wedding date, we knew that the ceremony would have to be an outdoor one. When we came across BlissWood’s website and watched the enchanting videos and viewed all of the amazing pictures of the ranch, we knew that we had found the place.

Our arrival was greeted by a couple of miniature donkeys and a peacock as we drove up to the nostalgic farm house in which we would be staying. The entire ranch was encompassed in towering oak trees and sparkling lakes. Our days were spent taking early morning walks through the dew-kissed fields where we could spot new born calves resting. Later in the afternoon we were fishing in the many lakes catching blue gill, bass, and our favorite catfish. Our evenings were spent swinging on our porch watching the blazing fire from our outdoor fire pit dance on the warm wind of Texas nights.

The staff of BlissWood catered to our every need during our stay on the ranch. Our house was tidied up and always stocked with breakfast for the following mornings. If we wanted to ride the white majestic horses, they were instantly saddled up for us, and all of the exotic animals on the ranch were just a short walk away. The owner of the ranch, Carol, also owns an amazing five star restaurant, where she mingled with her diners while they enjoyed mouth-watering dinners.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and the most memorable. The whole place was dazzling in the afternoon sunlight, and as I walked up the aisle to my awaiting husband, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to be. Thanks to the on-site Pulitzer prize winning photographer, our memories will last forever. We were married by non-other than Carol herself, who is also an ordained minister, and had a wonderful party on the ranch with our friends and family afterwards. Our family and friends had paid for packages from the ranch that included roses in our house, chocolate strawberries and even champagne.

The most memorable time of our lives turned out flawlessly at BlissWood, and we cannot wait to go back to celebrate our new lives together.”

We are so happy they choose to have their wedding at our guest ranch Texas. It was a joy to share in their special day.