Discover the Healing Powers of Forest Bathing

It is easy to get so caught up in daily life that the noise can drown out what’s truly important. Refresh your body, mind, and spirit with a getaway to natural beauty and unmatched serenity. Here at our Texas ranch, we have recently been introduced to a unique concept hailing from Japan called “Forest Bathing.” This healing practice helps connect you with nature by “bathing” all five of your senses in the atmosphere of the forest for a far more enriching experience. Discover our own twist on this form of eco-therapy and get a much-needed escape from the stresses of modern living with a forest bathing experience in Texas.

a tree swing in a forest at blisswood bed and breakfast ranch

What is Forest Bathing?

Originally conceptualized in Japan during the economic boom of the 1980s, it was intended to help the country’s growing workforce avoid burnout amidst an ever-increasing reliance on technology. Today, this practice has moved outside its roots and spread all around the world as a way to recover energy, both physical and spiritual. Its original name, shinrin-yoku, comes from the Japanese words for “forest” – shinrin, and “bath” – yoku. There is a level of intentionality that grounds this, a meditative state that reinvigorates through exploration via the senses. BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch is situated on 350 acres of gorgeous natural space and live oak stands teeming with wildlife, the perfect place to immerse yourself.

a couple exploring the forest together on a forest bathing getaway

How to Best Enjoy It

There is no “goal” with forest bathing and nothing that must be achieved. In fact, the aim of the practice is quite the opposite, to let oneself wander and simply be. Leave your phone or camera behind and go wherever your senses lead. Touch the grass of the forest floor and feel the soft soil sift between your fingers, listen for the melodious chirping of birds in the branches above, and breathe in the fresh air as it fills your lungs. These sensations are your own, separate from others, and come together to form a unique journey tailored to your own curiosity. A Forest Bathing experience is what you make of it, a freedom from decision-making where the many aspects of the forest around you serve as your guide to greater serenity.

a couple getting a massage together during a forest bathing getaway

Our Curated Experience

We have crafted a special package dedicated to an unforgettable Forest Bathing experience at BlissWood and introduced new activities that add to it in a positive way. An interactive “I-Spy” element adds a sense of wonder and exploration with realistic animal statues of rabbits, foxes, turtles, and more for you to discover. When you return there is a group flower arranging class waiting for you as well as a BlissWood-themed gratitude journal for you to keep! Enjoy a restorative one-hour massage at your cabin and let all the worries of life melt away in the gentle hands of a professional masseuse. Take a guided Lento (slow) horseback ride and see the ranch from a whole new perspective on a relaxing trip around the property. All of this and more is included in our exclusive Texas Forest Bathing package for a memorable wellness experience in beautiful surroundings.

the bluebonnet bungalow bedroom

Enjoy a Relaxing Stay

Escape to the forest and participate in shinrin-yoku for a rejuvenating Texas getaway unlike any other. Our cozy accommodations are always close to nature no matter where you are and have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay here at the Ranch. King and queen beds, kitchens for cooking your own healthy meals, private porches, and more await at many of our cabins and houses. Some even come with jetted hot tubs for the ultimate in relaxation! Add something special with delectable add-ons like chocolate-covered strawberries or a chilled bottle of wine or Champagne, all delivered to your lodging and ready to spice up your vacation! However you decide to spend your time here, we hope that you come away refreshed, reenergized, and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you with a renewed spirit. Until then, we wish you health and happiness in everything you do.

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