Horseback Riding Near Houston

It’s Saturday, and Liliana Plutina is sitting in her hotel room in downtown Houston, missing her home in Italy, contemplating on whether she should go to the mall with colleagues or find something else to do. Liliana has been working many long hours at her consulting job in Houston, has been here for two weeks now on this hot June day, and going to the mall is not what is exciting her at this moment.  Liliana turns on her computer, Googles “horseback riding near Houston,” as it has been her dream as a child growing up in Italy to go to Texas and ride a horse.  Suddenly BlissWood, a TEXAS BED AND BREAKFAST, pops up on her screen and gets her attention fast.  Not hesitating a second, she dials BlissWood, Carol answers, and yes, the Bluebonnet Bungalow is available for the night, and Silky is available for a HORSEBACK RIDE through the pastures on Sunday morning. Never give up on your dreams!

Liliana Plutina escapes from Houston for a horseback ride.