Mother and Daughter Enjoy Time Together at Guest Ranch

From time to time, guests of our Houston area guest ranch write to tell us about their time here. Below is one such correspondence from Jane and Christine Harrison, a mother and daughter who were recently at BlissWood to celebrate Christine’s 15th birthday.

Christine and a new friend.

“Christine and I had a wonderful time at your place this week. Thanks for sharing! Armando was so kind to us…showing us around and letting Christine help him feed the animals. When we got home she kept asking me if I told people about all the new friends she met…at first I was confused since we were mostly alone there…she meant the animals!!! When we got to take our horseback ride, we were both in heaven…what incredible horses! Cowboy Bob took time to answer her questions and help her understand why her horses are doing some “weird” things here. I’ve had some rotten experiences with horses in my lifetime so it was so nice to have such a positive experience to share with her.

The Log Cabin brought back memories from my childhood in Oklahoma. I had two aunt and uncle couples who lived in log cabins…it was fun to share the memories with Christine.

I teased that I had to put a rope on Christine to get her in the car for the trip home. All she wants to know is how soon we can come back and if we can bring the whole family!”

We love to hear from our guests. Thanks to Christine and Jane for sharing highlights from your Mother/Daughter Weekend with us!