4 Ways to ‘Pop the Question’ :: Texas Engagement Packages

Texas Proposal PackageBlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch is a perfect romantic getaway. Located on 350 acres of Lehmann Legacy Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas, (about 58 miles west of Houston) lies a hidden gem, known for its ability to cultivate bonfires in romances of all ages and stages. They even have crafted special Texas engagement packages to help take the stress of getting her “Yes!”

Only an hour’s drive from Houston, this beautiful setting offers a blissful escape for couples with a plethora of amenities and activities. Whether it’s just a weekend getaway for parents of young children who need quiet time to reconnect, or a long ‘staycation,’ for that 40th anniversary celebration, BlissWood B&B Ranch has all the romantic settings a couple could ever need to form precious romantic moments that will last forever. BlissWood enjoys hosting couples at all stages of their relationships, but they take their greatest pride and joy in seeing couples get engaged at their Texas ranch.

If that sounds like something you or someone you know would enjoy, here are four helpful ideas that you might use to ‘pop the question’ this year at this romantic Texas guest ranch.

1. Play Cupid with Bows and Arrows 

Have you ever had a chance to use a bow and arrow? Have you ever wanted to learn how? Sure you have. And the truth is, so has she, she just may not know it yet. Women love to prove that they can do all the same thing Men can do. So let her feel good about herself and have a ton of fun doing it! Archery and romance go together like Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Play Cupid by writing down your proposal, attaching your note to the arrow when she’s not looking, and firing. Then when he goes to reclaim the arrows from the target, she can read your note. Just try to hit the target Romeo.

Romantic Texas Getaways2. Go on an Enchanting Picnic at Enchanted Lake
When’s the last time you relaxed and went on a picnic? If you’re like most people, probably sometime in the 90’s. That’s why it’s something that will leave an impact on her and is truly the perfect mood setter to ask her to be your life partner! Is there a more romantic setting for a picnic for two than in a gazebo overlooking the sparkling waters of the well-named Enchanted Lake? BlissWood B&B Ranch even has a special proposal package that includes a guided horseback ride to Enchanted Lake, where you’ll find a picnic waiting in the gazebo, along with chocolate-dipped strawberries, flowers, and a golf cart. Your guide will discreetly lead the horses away while you enjoy a romantic picnic for two. After she’s said yes (because she’d be crazy not to, right?) you can take the golf cart back to the barn where you started.

3. Let Nature Sweep Her Off Her Feet
From the wildflowers to the wild deer, it’s hard to beat the Texas hill country for natural beauty. Whether you’re riding horses together, hiking, or sharing a canoe, the fresh air and beautiful setting will relax you both. You don’t want to be nervous when you propose, especially if you’re canoeing together. You might drop the ring in the lake.

Proposal package4. Ride Away Together
BlissWood B&B rents horses or permits guests to bring their own horses. Imagine riding into the hills. Maybe she thinks you’re just out for some exercise. Maybe she thinks you’re birdwatching. And then, when you find the perfect romantic spot, you ask her.

BlissWood also hosts Texas weddings and elopements. How convenient to have your wedding at BlissWood, wave goodbye to your guests, then stay for your honeymoon. Good luck and happy hunting, all you singles out there. Book your stay today!

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