Fish for Rainbow Trout at BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch

From rod and reel beginners to the most seasoned fishermen, anyone who enjoys fishing knows about the rainbow trout. Fishing for this popular species is a wonderful way to spend a peaceful afternoon in the great outdoors, and Cat Spring, Texas is the best destination for just such a day! That’s why we crafted an exclusive specialty experience just for our guests, and we know you’re going to love it! Keep reading for all the ways you can enjoy fishing at BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch when you stay with us as a lodging guest.

Rainbow trout

About Our Favorite Fish

This steelhead species we know as rainbow trout thrive in fresh water and average one to five pounds. These fish are identifiable by their blue-green or olive-toned scales with black spotting, and some even sport a large reddish stripe from gill to tail. Rainbow trout are also a healthy and protein-rich meal when baked or grilled and have a mild, nut-like flavor. One of the greatest draws of fishing for rainbow trout is that it is enjoyable to catch and to eat! Trout can typically be found in our private lake from December through March, and only require a basic angler or worm. It’s not hard to have a tranquil day by the lake waiting for trout to bite. Take advantage of the opportunity to use our private lake as one of our lodging guests.

A lake on our ranch in Cat Spring, TX

The Perfect Fishing Location

Relaxing. Rewarding. Pure fun. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the experience of fishing at BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch. If you are a lodging guest, you can try your luck at our fully stocked, on-property lake during your stay and revel in the natural beauty of our authentic Texas ranch. If you won’t be visiting during rainbow trout season, you may find another species in one of our private lakes to catch and release. Some of the fish types we often have include Hybrid Striped Bass, Black Crappie and Largemouth Bass. Rainbow trout are only available at limited and varied times, so visit our specials page for the latest information.

A fish meal

The Ultimate Rainbow Trout Experience

Embark on a fishing trip like no other with the Rainbow Trout Catch, Keep & Eat Experience, specially curated with fishermen like you in mind! As a BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch guest, you will have the opportunity to fish in our on-property private lake, stocked with rainbow trout. Bring your own fishing equipment or use our gear to catch, keep, and eat! Also included is a personal tackle box with BlissWood’s favorite Rainbow Trout lures and scale, a snack pack with souvenir bag to keep, and a prize for catching the biggest Rainbow Trout! To enter to win the prize of a free night’s stay during the week, weigh your fish and take a photo of the fish and scale.

Cozy room at our Texas bed and breakfast

An Ideal Place to Stay

Planning a father-son getaway or a trip for just the guys? The two-bedroom Log Cabin is the perfect choice of accommodations! Take advantage of the full kitchen to prepare and savor your catch of the day and then sleep soundly in these comfortable, rustic rooms.

Happy casting!

*Use of our on-site lakes are for lodging guests only. Not open to the public.