Come Experience Our Texas Wildlife Ranch and Inn

Attention animal lovers! Here at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast, a beautiful Texas ranch bed and breakfast, guests can get up close and personal with several animal families we have on our 350-acre ranch. Located just 1.5 hours from Houston, our BlissWood property makes experiencing life on the ranch simple, relaxing and amusing. If you’re planning your weekend getaway in Texas, you will not want to miss enjoying and learning all about these wonderful animal families.

Lemurs at Texas ranch and inn Lemur Family

Our most popular bunch is the exotic Lemur family. Now a family of six, consisting of just named newborn twins, Sage & Saffron, and their year-old brother and sister, Myrick & Mia. The family welcomed their new additions just weeks ago! The entire family loves banana treats they get from BlissWood guests during the feeding tours we offer.


Baby goats at Texas Bed and Breakfast Pygmy Goat Family

Our Pigmy goat family grew by two last month! The newest members of this family, Linus & Lucy, were named by a guest submission for our “Name the Baby Goats” contest. Our independent judge had a difficult time choosing from the 90 submissions we had. These baby goats love to romp and play in the pen with mom.

Inside Tip: Now our guests can interact with these playful pygmy goats when we feed them in the mornings. Making memories the whole family will remember and enjoy with an unforgettable Texas family vacation has never been easier.

Feeding Baby deer at BlissWood Inn Fallow Deer Family

We also have two bottle-fed Fallow deer that came to BlissWood last June. They were named in another one of our “Name the Baby” contests, and the winning names were Nutmeg & Ginger.

Insider Tip: After enjoying your own continental breakfast, you can interact with the family of deer at feeding time with the opportunity to hand-feed and pet them.

A Bison and her calf at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Bison Family

Lastly, we have our Bison Family. The father named Junior and mother, Mrs. Junior, just had a female baby last week. The older sister, Fluffy, welcomed the baby with one of our guests who excitedly discovered the baby immediately after it was born. Outside of being intrigued with watching this family, during our feeding tour, guest can hand-feed through our high-fenced exotic pasture. As an added bonus, grown-up fallow deer also come to our feedings in the morning and guests can experience hand feeding them too.

Insider Tip: If you’re lucky, in this same pasture, guests sometimes get glimpses of Black Buck Antelope, Axis Deer, Oryx, and Red Deer. Bonus animals!

One of the best parts about staying at our lovely Texas bed and breakfast is getting to experience comfortable lodging and the beauty of life on the ranch. Come see all of our newest animals and experience the joy of newborn babies today!

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