The Incomparable Model T Ford

We’ve met so many interesting people through the WWOOF and Workamp programs. Most recently, our Central Texas Guest Ranch has been home to Steve Boyd, an avid Model T collector. He is pictured below in his 1914 Model T Ford, giving three guests a ride along the pasture road on the south side of BlissWood Texas Vacation Ranch. Read on for more information about Model T’s.

Steve Boyd and his 1914 Model T Ford

“These cars were produced from 1909 to 1927, 15.5 million in all. In the early ’20’s, 60% of the cars on the road were Model T’s. They typically get about 15 mpg on regular gas, travel well at 35 mph, and are capable of 50 mph speed. They have no gas pedal, no breaks on the wheels, and wood (hickory) spokes on the wheels. Since wood had been used for centuries to build wagon wheels, they were used with confidence on the Model T until 1925.

The car pictured above has been completely restored. I started with a frame on a pair of sawhorses, and built the complete car from original, or exact replica, parts.  It has toured extensively around the USA, including a drive in 2009 from Manhattan in New York to Seattle, WA – a distance of 4,400 miles. This event was a celebration and duplication of the first cross-country auto race which was held 100 years earlier and was won by a Model T Ford. This car has on the order of 12,000 miles on it since restoration.

You may have heard the phrase about these early Fords  “you can have any color you want, as long as it is black”. That was true with Fords from 1914 until 1925, but when it came time to paint my car, I decided it should be maroon with gold pin striping.

Model T Fords are period correct to the atmosphere of BlissWood Houston area Guest Ranch. Many Model T’s outlived their usefulness on the road and were converted to other uses; some were turned into wagons for use on the farm. These existed by the thousands and, in fact, one such wagon, based on a Model T Ford chassis, sits at BlissWood behind an out-building, near Magnolia.”
Steve Boyd

Thanks to Steve for sharing his passion for Model T Fords with us!