Trail Riding Houston

We have superb trailriding at our Houston guest ranch

We have superb trailriding at our Houston guest ranch

Earlier this spring, a sweet baby colt was born to a horse here at our guest ranch near Houston. She is growing and promises to be an outstanding trail riding horse once she grows a bit more – she has a lovely, gentle temperament. We look forward to getting her out on the 650 acres of our Houston guest ranch with our other horses. We have gaited Paso Fino – or “Fine Step” – horses. Known for their friendly dispositions and their gentle gaits, they win over all who ride them. These are not bouncy horses, which means they are ideal for long trail rides, and for riders of all experience levels; while they can canter and gallop with the best of them, they prefer a fast walk.

Our trail rides near Houston are all guided, so in addition to being comfortable in your saddle, you can trust that you are safe. Our experienced guides will lead you through tall grasses in meadows, across cooling creeks, and through shaded oak forests.

With nearly 650 acres to roam, BlissWood has plenty of room to relax and enjoy a nice leisurely horseback ride through meadows and oak forests, across creeks, and past soothing ponds. If you feel like you need a lesson before heading out for a trail ride near Houston, we can certainly arrange that.

Horseback riding is a lovely activity during your stay at our guest ranch in Cat Spring Texas. During the day you’ll be out exploring the ranch, and when you are ready to rest, you may retreat to your private cottage for refreshments. Your schedule is your own, and you may even schedule a massage, facial or salt-glow body scrub right in your own lodging. How is that for relaxing?