Horseback Riding Ranch Near Houston | Ride A Paso Fino Horse

On paper, Paso Fino translates to “he passed fine,” though in the equestrian world it means “smooth stepping”. Whether you’re a novice horseback rider who may be a bit nervous, or you’ve got years of sitting in the saddle under your belt buckle, you’ll appreciate the gentle gait of the Paso Fino horses at our horseback riding ranch near Houston. It’s a true bucket-list experience for any level of rider. Come check it off your list!

Cat Spring, Texas is Closer Than a Trip Abroad…

Having originally made their way from Spain, through the Caribbean, to locations as far away as South America, a few of these majestic creatures now call our ranch home. If you can’t take a trip to any of these exotic spots around the world, then plan a visit to our tiny town in Texas for access to these amazing animals. With tons of trails and 350 acres to explore, you’ll get a wide-open, far-away feel within an easy drive from bigger cities like Houston and Dallas. Plan your dreamy Texas staycation now!

Two people riding Paso Fino horses

Paso Fino Horses are Different, Which is a Good Thing!

The Paso’s natural, four-beat, lateral ambling gait, make them ideal for trail riding… plus they’re just fun to watch! Being in Texas, home to some of the best rodeo riders in the world, many of our local equestrians are used to Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds and Paints. And while these are wonderful breeds for barrel racing and calf roping, when you traverse the ups and downs of the trail, you’ll appreciate the Paso’s more gentle approach. Like the suspension of a car or mountain bike, it can make all the difference! You wouldn’t take your grandpa’s old farm truck for an off-roading adventure, or ride your kid’s tricycle down a mountain, would you? Come take a test-ride for yourself, they’re the Cadillac of horses!

Enjoy an Equestrian Vacation at BlissWood Ranch

We invite you to come stay with us, hop in the saddle, and rein in a magical excursion. Our equestrian vacation packages are the perfect way to make your next romantic getaway or family trip a memorable one. We offer a wide variety of horseback riding opportunities, from hand-led rides in the arena for the littles, to guided and group trail rides for ages 9 and older, all the way up to our Ride Off into the Sunset Package. With this exclusive offering, you can pair your romantic ride with a pre-packed picnic and all of the other special indulgences needed to make your celebration for two picture-perfect.

Rustic bedroom at Texas bed and breakfast

We Don’t Just Have the Finest Trail Horses, Our Accommodations are Great Too!

Our Texas bed and breakfast ranch is the ideal place to get away for country folk and city slickers alike. Not only do we have the finest trail horses around, but we have wonderful accommodations for you to bunk in during your stay. With 12 unique and private units, you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your style. From a house that can comfortably fit 10, to smaller cozy cabins, to glamping rentals including a Grand Safari Tent and Conestoga Covered Wagon, there’s a perfect place to stay for any type of traveler. Even though all of our lodging choices are uniquely individual, they do have a few things in common, like private bathrooms, kitchen facilities, and outside space to relax. Book your Texas getaway today to experience the finest horses and hospitality west of the Mississippi! Come kick up your heels at BlissWood Ranch.

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