You Never Know What You’ll Bring Back from our Texas Guest Ranch

Not so long ago, guests staying in one of our Texas vacation cabins found a little surprise on their back porch. It just goes to show that you never do know what to expect when you spend time at our Central Texas guest ranch. Read on to learn all about it.

He's sweet as pie.

“We had heard the kitten early in the morning while sitting out on the porch enjoying our breakfast, but my husband really thought it was just a different type of bird singing. So we didn’t check it out for a while. Then, when I went in to take my shower, I heard it again and asked him to go investigate while I was in the shower. He found it very close to the back of the cabin and came in and held it up over the shower door! I was so surprised!!

We stopped at the feed store in Sealy and got a nursing bottle and some formula for kittens (didn’t even know they had such a thing!). We are feeding it every 3-4 hours. It is getting more alert and even starting to play. It purrs almost non-stop!”

We hope you enjoy the newest member of your family. Thanks for sharing your story with us – we always love to hear from our guests.